Data Science

“Data science, I might not get you in one day but I would surely get you one day”

Allow me carry you along on my journey towards becoming a Data scientist.

My Background

I am a ‘Techy wife’ with the responsibility of caring for my boys (husband and son) and my growing IT career. I am an Information technology consultant with over six years’ experience in enterprise collaboration, business process automation, business intelligence with Power BI, web development and education technologies. My choice of a career in information technology came from my interest in automating everyday tasks and predicting outcomes from data. I enjoy the process of connecting the dots, making sense out of data and automating everyday mundane tasks.

Asides my professional interests, I am also passionate about girl-child education and raising exceptional young leaders. Working with NGOs and non-profits in Africa has taught me to learn and model the important leadership qualities of commitment and responsibility to these young ones.

Data scientist-to-be

In September 2017, during my personal retreat (a period where I evaluate my progress in different areas of my life, set new goals and map out strategic plans to achieve these goals) I engaged in an online research and I fortunately stumbled upon DATA SCIENCE, regarded as the sexiest job of the 21st century.

On taking a closer look at the field, I figured it was in line with my interest, and complements my current profession as an IT consultant. Besides, who doesn’t want to work in a sought-after field regarded as the no. 1 job of the future.

By October 2017, I got the rarest opportunity of earning a spot to attend the second edition data science boot camp held in Lagos, Nigeria. During the boot camp, expert data scientists based in Canada, USA, South Africa and Nigeria trained and exposed participants to the world of machine learning algorithms and Kaggle competitions. As a bootcamp prerequisite and qualifier, I took the Data camp Introduction to Python for data science and Microsoft data science track courses on edx.

I am currently doing the very popular Machine Learning Course by Andrew Ng and SQL for data science by Sadie St. Lawrence on coursera. Partaking in Kaggle organized 5-day challenges aswell as following the new Kaggle hands-on data science education. I’d write about my learning in my subsequent posts.


“Data science, I might not get you in one day but I would surely get you one day”

My journey to building a career in data science has been filled with both high and low moments. Moments of inspiration, zeal and motivation as well as fatigue, steep learning curves, and unreachable mentors. So creating and publishing regular posts is my way of self-motivating and building an accountability system for myself. I hope that as people read my posts, they find some form of inspiration and motivation from my journey.

This is officially my first post as a data scientist-to-be. I would endeavour to post as often as possible. I would love to get comments and feedback from you so I know I’m not on this journey alone. See you in my next post. 🙂  ❤


Credits: Photo by Lukas from Pexels


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