Today's lesson

New Reality


It is interesting to realize how fast time goes by. Discovering that my last blog post was on the 30th of Dec ’13, I shuck my head in disappointment, asking myself the usual question “Why?”, and  “Have I been so distracted?”.

The schedules of my day, and family life could be really time and energy sapping. Living a new life as a wife, in-law and mother-to-be I realise I need to RE-STRATEGIZE and RE-ORGANIZE my life.

Yes guys, I’m taken!!! And I am loving every minute of being MRS OLATUNJI. On a personal level, 2014 was more of wedding planning than any other activity. It takes alot to plan a wedding no matter how big, medium or small budgeted the wedding is especially if you are the one doing all the planning. I am so grateful to God for making the event a success  despite the fact that the bribe arrived late for the church service *smh*.

From this experience, I hereby bestow upon my humble self the title ‘Certified Event Planner’. Yes oh! You can contact me for my professional event planning service by email 🙂 . Just to share a few wedding pics.

10662091_448344208638468_2630318108921377556_o 10662091_448344215305134_3204337266189505341_o 10662091_448344211971801_3505287256783708046_o 10704421_448335481972674_8569531462874834041_o

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