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Another year about to end – Odun lo so pin

12th of Decemeber 2013, I just realised that the year is about to end! Wow! That soon? I remember January 2013 like it was yesterday, celebrating the new year with family, friends and a special love interest who has become the love of my life! Nice.

Enough about my January jare. The point I am trying to pass across is that LIFE IS SHORT! We live, We sleep, We wake up every morning, living each day as it comes, if care is not taken we might just aswell spend the next year doing the same thing but what makes the difference is what we do with our hours. Lets calculate the hours we have to make a difference in a year.

To find how many hours are in a year we would need to multiply 7 (days in a week) x 24 (Hours in a day) = 168 then 168 (hours in a week) x 52 (weeks)= 8,736 Hours in a year. Now lets reschedule the days, remember we have Sunday as a rest day and some have Saturdays too as well, we also sleep during the night so that’s some hours to subtract from the main. Therefore we get,

5(working days in a week) x 12(Approx Hours to work) = 60 then 60(hours of work in a week) x 52(weeks) = 3120 Hours in a year. That’s a drastic reduction to the initial 8,736 hours we initially calculated.(5616 Hours wasted!)

And the reduction of hours go on as we try to calculate  how we use our hours according to our individual lifestyle, habits, work and way of life. This is part of the reasons why some people usually do not achieve their goals and plans for the new year. We think tomorrow would always come and we procrastinate on important things. We fail to realised that we are living each today because of the wonderful Grace God has provided to those that believe in Him. We should always reflect on each day and give thanks to God for another opportunity to make an impact in the world, or to atleast do something tangible and meaningful.

I must confess I am guilty of negligence to my hours this year. Sometimes, I spend my hours doing nothing beneficial. I could blame it on stress of work or laziness or just lack of motivation but there is and there should be no excuse for negligence to time. As the saying goes ‘Time Waits for Nobody” and seriously it doesn’t have a brake we could oil to work better or a pause button neither  does it have a rewind where we can replay events and manipulate situations to suit us(I wish it did though, men I would so replay, fast forward, pause to re-think and re-strategise, you get. 😉 ) Wait a minute, as I’m analyzing time its actually moving and not waiting for me to conclude, so I better conclude before I spend too much time analyzing time.

All in all, treasure every seconds, minute, hours, days, months you have in a year. Do something meaningful, impactful and worthwhile with the hours you get even if the year is coming to an end, its not too late to psyche  yourself up again. Get involved in meaning activities and projects, achieve a personal or group goal. Do something that makes sense sha!

I can’t believe I just wrote this lengthy article, wow, you see I just achieved something within some meaningful minutes of writing. :d

Least I forget, 12th of December 2013 marks 11months of being with someone special!!! Will Love you always Honey. Love is good, Love is God and God is Love. Stay Blessed.


1 thought on “Another year about to end – Odun lo so pin”

  1. Right on! This get-up-and-go! charge is highly needed. Time- our greatest asset outside of God and health. May God teach us to make our time meaningful by working and walking with wisdom. Thanks Titop for taking the TIME to write this. 🙂

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